Old Memories

I was master sergeant of my drum corp for my High School Band. We had been together since 6 the grade. And I would teach the under classmen the drum cadences. Using table tops for the drum and the heal of my shoe as the bass drum. We would do this during lunch. I also would work with majorettes to get extra practice. It's been many years since I've thought of these fine memories. And we had some good times. State championship all 4 years in High School and even got to March in the Macy's parade on Thanksgiving. What a memory.

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Dan and riki those were the days

Yea, life was different. For example one day some student was showing his new shotgun to a teacher and a couple other kids and accidental fired it in the gym. It blew a hole in the ceiling. Nobody though anything was wrong except the hole had to be fixed. It was not reported in local news. It was common to see teen boys walking through town carrying a rifle, or two if there were two teens walking together. Life was more simple then.

We were entirely different breed of kids then. All that runs around today are
Mostly spoiled punks.

Cool! I played a trumpet in Jr High band, but dropped out in high school. In recent years I've been using hand drums and joining late night drum circles. Drums are a huge part of human evolution.

it was a different world back hen people respected others in most case if not it was handeled

from 8 th grade on the young lady that became my wife at 13 walked beside me thought life and we had a great time and
work full time school time raced midgets and a drag corvette 58

Good old days...

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