I Was Supposed to Have Been a Beach-dwelling Loner.

I love my life, but I was supposed to have been born into a scarcely populated tropical climate, enjoying the ocean every day of my life with no real worry of money.

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dont we all.......... but i have to admit, iv lived the island life style most my life... but money was and has been bain of my life

me too, and it was supposed to be an island.

Wow cool, me too!! LOL

At least they didn't just take on what ever there parents and others in there part of the world. You would be a Muslim if you happen to be born in Iran. <br />
<br />
Yes, I would call thinking for them self’s actual thinking. I would say you are the one who is brain dead if you just go along with what ever your parents and others on your block happen to believe is the true path to “God”…DD

"there believes"<br />
<br />

I just followed you home after you went out and interrupted some young women expressing there believes about the misspent monies of the Christian Church. Why don’t you just leave them alone?...DD

Wrong turn again, Doo.

I like your avatar name? fascade… "fronting" may indicate "putting on airs" fits you to a “T”…DD

While I carry on and measure each step of my world, someone else is out there enjoying my life and running free.