Accept Hello And Move On To The "right Person".

Hello he said with a smile, I smile back and go on trying to remember the list of "needs" I shall pick up in this store and leave quickly. This is not the first time I have run into this man since moving into this town almost 2 years ago. He usually goes back to what he is doing or finds someone he does know and starts up a nice conversation with them, a very social person obviously. Yet today he pushed the issue and walked up to me and bent over to one side to my point of view to the shelves saying once again "Hello, I never get a hello back from you, just a smile-why is that? ".  I cleared my throat and gave him a "hello, I'm sorry, I'm not a social person". I went on to grab what I hoped was everything on my list and made a direct walk to the check out counter. To my horror he followed, and said "I'm a pretty nice guy, let me buy you some coffee?".

I would have liked to have said "I am the wrong person"

 I do not get a long well with others.

If we become friends,  more then likely you will call me to ask why I never call to chat.

If you want to court me it will come to an upsetting end as you finally realize none of your friends and family like me much as I don't socialize with whom they socialize and when they want to.

I don't have the energy to try and solve your problems or be blamed for them.

I am happy with the life I have right now, adding a "love interest" will only make me question insecurities.

accept the "hello" and move on to the "right person". I am not a "right person".

I simply said "no, thank you" and paid the clerk.

The woman behind him in line made the comment that I was being rude. I suddenly felt like all eyes were on me when I left the store.

I'm not rude, but maybie it's time I start.

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2 Responses Feb 14, 2010

Yep, I've done this before a few times, also. I used to get accused a lot of "leading people on". So, I nip it in the bud. I don't have my life together and may not have what they need. I keep me to myself. I don't mind to occasionally conversate but the person may end up disliking me after talking to me. I'm used to this.

hi, ur not the wrong guy for that sounded funny. anyway, u r obviously happy w who u r, ur not rude, but one day u might want to say yes, look i get u and i understand where ur commin from, i think ur a nice man who has his life in order, but whats life w out a little fun every now and then. lol u r an open book, and if i took one look at u i would tell who u r.if u wanna remain silent, and un notticed i suggest u ease up just a tiny bit, then u will be the average joe. ya GOD BLESS