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I Was The Little Brother

I have a sister and a half sister, both are older than me. My sister is much older than me, but my half sister is only maybe a year or two older. I got along with them fairly well. My half sister was a major tomboy so I always treated her almost like a brother at times. I didn't live with my half sister though and eventually when she stopped talking to my father, I couldn't talk to her either. Her mother wasn't a big fan of me or my father and she hated my mother.

My sister only lived with me for a short while then moved, she visited often though. My sister ended up making stupid decisions and had three kids from two different guys, she lives in a real trashy house with a horrible lifestyle. It puts pressure on me because my mother sees me as almost a last hope, like she wants at least one of her kids to make it in life. She always tells me not to be like my sister and fall in a bad crowd.

I haven't talked to my half sister in awhile. She still doesn't like my father much but she still considers me her little brother and we get along when we get the chance to talk. I dunno about her mother, maybe now that I'm older she will be a bit more respectful and not see me as my mothers (the one she hated) child and instead see me as my own person. It doesn't matter much to me though. At times I wonder what my half sister is doing, but I try not to let it get to me.She was real good to me, we got along real well as far as siblings go...well...half siblings. Even though we were half siblings we always saw each other as just brother and sister, not half brother and half sister.

My sister on the other hand,  I still see. She comes over to visit but doesn't have us visit her house because its such a mess. I feel bad for her kids and for her, but she made her choice. She had straight A's and was flying through college but then fell with a bad crowd and said she was just gonna take a break, then had a kid, then another one, and another one, and then there's no going back to school from there. I guess online school would work but I don't think she even wants to try.

Being the little brother kinda sucks lol. Makes me feel like I gotta save the whole family from burning...

MrUntitled MrUntitled 18-21, M 1 Response Dec 3, 2009

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Its not that bad ;)