The Competitive Baby

Let me tell you all the best part about being the youngest child:
You learn from your elders mistakes. Watching them make their mistakes aids you in learning your own way around obstacles that will inevitably crop up in your world.
I am the youngest of Seven siblings! Six girls and one boy.
You all know that when you are the youngest, you find yourself surrounded by older, more capable adults who can do things better than you. As a result of this situation we young ones are overly ambitious and extremely competitive. I remember every year when I got my school report I went to my dad's files to find my six siblings reports when they were my age. Just so I was sure that I bet them. . . . Sad I know. Even now I find myself in complete competitive situations, Shopping, Swimming, Running, Cooking have to be better and faster than whoever is around me (even if the other person is none the wiser to my scheme).

I by no means consider myself "the favorite one" because I am the youngest. I believe that is a myth. Older siblings tend to use the youngest. I was constantly being asked to "fetch this" or "Do that" by my siblings. This builds character. It's healthy to have some roughening up by the older ones. I think as the youngest, you tend to have a good sense of humor and a big personality because you feel you need attention. We also can be very manipulative. I can prance and twirl around people to get what I want. There is no secret about that. I've always said to everyone
" I have ways of getting what I want." and usually . . . I do. :D

WARNING! The youngest in a family is a danger with money. Irresponsible! We are social and out going. We just want to have a good time. Is that so bad? But be warned babies, We will spend money and regret it later.

Finally. Youngest children are charming and egotistical. I personally am Irish and have been called charming alot. I have an ego also that needs constant attention and approval. But I work my bum off to get it. Jim Carey and Steve Martin are all lastborns. Are we seeing a pattern here?
Funny. Charming. Love attention.
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I am the youngest too and everything you said is the very same as me lol