Most people say the youngest child has it the easiest.
there is that nasty little rumour about how the youngest child of a family is constantly pampered and coddled.
But if you’re the youngest, like me, you’ll know that’s not true. we’re forever referred to as the baby – it’s a name that’s stuck with us for life,family members do not take us seriously and there are constant comparisons being made (because nothing we do is a novelty: the older children have paved the way)
Now, I have to admit my personal story is more complicated and a little less funny than what I wrote up there.
I have a brother who is 8 years older than me. If I stop here, you can probably imagine a protective brother, a sort of second father figure. the truth is my brother suffers from intellectual disability (a polite term for mental retardation). the roles are reversed and I spend most of my time trying to protect him from the harshness of the world. I'm ashamed to say that I'm worried of what will happen when my parents will no longer be there.
My sister is five years older than me: our relationship is both so complex and so strong that I can sum up it in one post. She was raped when she was 14; I was 9 and I was the only person who knows. It made me grow up faster. being "the youngest child" made no sense anymore. I shared in silence the suffering of my sister. Since that time, we're more like twins: we protect each other any time one of us stumble on her path.
in the end, those stories about the role you have to play according to your place in your sibling make no sense.
I'm not the spoiled youngest one but it doesn't matter. I love my sibling ,no matter what.
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as the youngest I also can understand most of the stuff you went through

i have a sister she is 4 years older than me but i got all of my mothers attention as a child all the spankings and belting's being the youngest was hell