Youngest of Three

My sister is 5 years older than me.
My brother is 10 years older than me.

I remember times when my sister and myself would gang up on my brother.  Especially when he made this club out in the clubhouse for "Boys Only".   Well, my sister and I were not having that.  We just HAD to be in there.  I remember specifically the two of us banging on the door demanding that he let us in.  Sort of like how a cat NEEDS to have a door open if it's closed.   I was quite young at the time, under 10 years old.

My brother used to pick me up, swoop me upside down and bang my head against the wood floor, holding onto me by my feet.  Okay, so maybe he didn't make contact with the floor all that often, but I sure remember the times that he did.

My sister once fed a cookie to myself and a friend of mine. She then giggled, telling me that they were actually homemade dog treats.   We of course spit them out.

I'm guessing it must be from being the youngest, experiencing so much that I've grown to really love watching other siblings fight.

Maybe it reminds me of me and my siblings and brings back fond memories.

Of course my parents knew how to deal with me when it came to me getting into trouble.  They had two to practice on just before me.  So they were always one step ahead of me with the mischief I'd get into.

I've always liked the fact that I am the youngest. I was exposed to things that an only child probably wouldn't be exposed to.  Like horror movies and other movies a child probably shouldn't see.  

Music. I was exposed to music thanks to my sister and brother. I keep thinking I was an 80's kid, just because of the stuff they listened to.  Most of my favorite songs are "teen favorites" due to those two.
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Oct 8, 2007