Invisible Child

I am the youngest of two girls. My family was complete before I was born. My parents and my sister were a complete unit and there was no space for me. I was rejected for being the youngest, even though the age gap was only a few years. Even as a teenager I was "The little kid." My needs were never met.

My sister was 3 years older than me, so she was 3 years bigger and stronger and smarter and more advanced than me. She used this to bully me terribly, once locking me in a wardrobe and leaving me there. She hassled me endlessly about how no one liked me, telling me that I should run away because no one wanted me, compounding the problem of my parents' rejection.

I get angry when people assume that all youngest children are spoiled brats. My position in the family has caused me to develop a personality disorder and many other deep seated mental health problems and more pain than you could possibly imagine. So don't call me a spoiled brat.

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2 Responses Mar 1, 2010 sister is an angel compared to that..

I'm the youngest girl in my family too.<br />
In some ways I really connect with what you went through. I have two older sisters. But the age difference is 7 and 9 years.<br />
I'm sorry you had to go through kind of pain with your family and your sister.