Other People's Agendas

For me the biggest problem with being the youngest child was that the family had a kind of set agenda and mindset that was created before I came along. This wouldn't be so bad if one belongs to a mainstream sort of family, but mine were quite religious (Catholic), and my elder brother (eleven years older than me) entering a religious order when I was three meant that everything was set. He was considered a saint, and didn't he know it! I don't even remember him living at home, but when he did appear I always had the impression he found my existence slightly irritating. My sister was three years older and bullied me often, though in her better moments when we played she was always the Queen and I was her page. That's never really altered. If I had ideas of my own I always had to explain myself, yet in retrospect I think the whole situation was so bizarre that really they were the one who should have explained themselves. But the elder never see any reason to explain themselves, it will inevitably be the youngest in the family who will be considered perverse if they deviate from the 'norm' that they had no part in creating. 

Blimey1 Blimey1
46-50, M
Mar 2, 2010