Youngest Not The Best ...

My parents have two children, one son and one daughter. My older brother ran away from home since he was 14 and since that time, my parents put all hope and pressure on me. Its not easy to be the youngest at all.

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I have many, YOu have to click to my profile and there will be a link called "pictures" and you will see load of them lol

Im now in Germany and they are living in Thailand. <br />
My father migrated from China to Thailand before he met my mom.<br />
Thats why I was born there.<br />
<br />
Ps. I will add you.

Im 22 .. pressure comes in several ways. E.g. when I was in high school or university, they wanted me to graduate with best grade. When I graduated and start working, they want me to work for something which is considered "accepted". They dont like me to work just for money but also honor and those things. Right now I am married and move to abroad. Everyday I still talk to my mom on phone, to know that Im the only hope for them and they are waiting for my return. I just feel like a bit stuck you know, I started my new life here but in another mind, I also know that I must go back to make my parents happy or something like that, and what about my brother? what does he do? nothing.

Yeah, lots of pressure to be accepted from the family ..

That is so true being the youngest there is a lots of pressure. Like to be just like your other brothers and or sisters or not to be like them which ever the case maybe

Then you're so lucky ..because even I have a brother but he has never been together with us at all.

i'm the youngest of 4, it was easier for me to have two brothers and a sister to break all the rules before i was old enough to know. when i grew up there were few rules for me.