Love Your Parents

Wish to Share a real Story of my Friends mom who lost her beloved son …

I am sharing this for people who cheat there parent for various reasons.
She (mom) was a nurse and had a bad husband who cheated his wife after his son was born and since she was left out only with her Son, the life of her was bitter, she did not get the love from her husband, since this guy had affair with other lady and married other lady.
However, she continued with her life with her Son and he was her strength for her life time is she what thought and was pleased with his love forever and did not have much worries on her husband.
Life went on and one fine day, when she reached home, She saw her Son hanged himself to Death ….

Just think of it … Her only love whom she relayed upon and did not even think of having affair with other and since, she wish to live for her son etc …
When Policy did the research on his death, they got the evidence from his son who had written a letter saying “Mom, I am sorry, I am ending my life, since My loved GF did not agree to my love and I can’t live without her, hence I am killing myself”

Sad is her Life, No husband, no parents and no Son …

Moral: After God, your parents are more precious for you, not the people who comes in the mid of your life. So live for them, not to trouble them, but to give at least a piece of Joy.
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nice story.... thnks for sharing