Is It Just Me Or Am I Not Alone On This One?

alright. so I'm a  therian with two sides. one is my equine side the other is my wolf side. ok so there are many different shifts i am aware of this, but dammit, i PE shift almost 24/7. i could be sleeping and i wake up twitching and growling and whatnot. and this mostly happens with my wolf side, my horse side is off and on usually when im around my horses and dogs. but i could be watching a movie or in the shower and im twitching and tensing. what is with that!? am i alone on this? does anybody else experience constant 24/7 shifts?!?!?!?!? if so let me know please. i'd like to know what shifts are stuck with you most of your time. Thanks,
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3 Responses Dec 4, 2011

Yea I do this quite a lot sometimes I enjoy it but then I'd wake up in the middle of the night twitching,growling,snarling it gets worse for me when I'm really stressed

so you kind of go into an alert shift. liek your other side suddenly sense or smells something and you tense and look for it? and no mine is where i'm twitching like my arms and legs will twitch alomost like i'm trying to run but i'm lying down. then there's pther times when the twitch kicks in and i'm growling and shaking my head, etc.

I do sometimes, i just tense up and look around. is that the same?

btw i sincerely apologize for all the typos i was in a rather huge rush that day. let me know if you can't understand any of that mummble jummble XD