I Have Considered Having a Surrogate Child.

 I've been unable to have children.  My ***** are good, but my partner was never able to carry past the first 2 months and has now gone through an early menopause.  We have considered adoption and foster children, but, even though this is totally selfish and egocentric, I would still like to have a child that carries my own dna.  I am also getting to the point of accepting that children may not ever be part of my family life.  I will just have to mentor other peoples children and put all my nurturing instincts back into the community.  Still, that hope for a child of my own lingers in the  back of my mind.

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I have always wanted to be a surrogate. maybe we can talk

Tell us what happened? Did you find someone to surrogate for you? If not, please check my profile and get in touch....

I was adopted at 2wks old, so am pro-adoption. However, I wanted nothing more than to have my own children, my own DNA. Thankfully that happened. I quite understand the longing for your "own". I've been contemplating surrogacy for years now. I absolutely LOVE being pregnant and I think being part of enabling a couple to have their own would feel wonderful. I do not want any more children so this would purely be a gift for me to once again feel that amazing experience. I wish you well.

You should look into it. There's nothing selfish about wanting your own biological child. I wish you and your partner luck!