Business Or Health Sciences?

I will be changing majors next year, and right now I have to make a decision between Health Sciences and Business with a concentration in Accounting.
The health industry is a booming field right now, so I thought it would be a good idea to major in HS. But the major seems kinda vague to me. I was told that a majority of the students in Health Sciences are pre-med and most of them go on for grad school. I'm afraid that taking classes with a bunch of pre-meds will be a competitive/cut throat environment.

I have always considered accounting to be a backup plan if I dropped out of my current major. Since my school doesn't offer an accounting major, i have to opt for a BSBA with an ACCT focus. I want to know if an introverted person like me will have a hard time in this major. I've always perceived Business majors as the outgoing, social types, who are good at communicating. I'm a shy person who would rather stay in my dorm and watch tv then go out and party.

Right now, I don't plan on going to grad school. After graduation, I'm not looking for a high-paying Wall Street job. I want to gain experience working as a Bank teller or some clerk job for a couple years then see where I can go with that. Health Sciences and Business are two of the best programs at my uni, highly looked upon by employers.

Thanks for reading this long post, and any comments will be greatly appreciated.
Greywrld Greywrld
18-21, F
Dec 4, 2012