Okay.. so I have a boyfriend he is amazing.. out of boredom tho.. I started talking to this guy.. I have known him forever.. never did anything but we both wanted too.. well I sent him so pictures. than he asked for some videos of my man ******* me.. so I took some and sent them to him. I know this is wrong.. its horribly wrong. I should of never did this. I got off on someone watching me having sex.. well now he is threatening me if I don't have sex with him he is going to send all of it to him ( my man).. I don't know what to do I can't lose him.. I feel like I should just go have sex with him and he said he would delete the evidence than I can just cut this off and focus on my relationship.. right.. please give me some advice.. thank you so much..
Im so lost.
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Ignore him. He won't do it...

Instead of giving you advice, how did things turn out?