She Is So Jealous

Im 24 years old and I am in a relationship with a beautiful woman. However, she does not think so. In fact she has really low self esteem. I love her to death and I do not want to hurt her. The thing is, she is really really really jealous. I cant go anywhere with her without her thinking Im staring at other women and having sexual thoughts about them. First of all, I am a very sexually active male and of course I am going to have sexual thoughts about women. That does not mean I am going to be unfaithful and act on those thoughts.  Every single time we go anywehere I basically have to look at the ground when I walk. I try to be observant of my surroundings so this is very difficult for me. I used to work as a corrections officer for two years in a county jail and one of the things you have to do to survive is be observant of your surroundings. It stuck with me. No anytime I even glance at another woman she gets really jealous and makes accusations about me wanting to sleep with other women. We always end up in an argument about how she is always hounding me about what I am doing and who is around me, even at work. If I am late getting home from work, she assumes that I was out cheating. Then she plays it off like she is joking around. Her argument is that she doesnt want me looking at other girls because she thinks I am going to see some woman so beutiful that I am going to leave her. I have been accused of all these things that I have had no intentions of doing and Im just getting to the point to where if she wants to accuse me of this stuff and treat me like Im cheating on her, then why dont I just cheat on her. What is the difference? Im being treated like a dog. You think a dog who is chowing down on a t-bone steak is going to turn away and go eat dog food? Hell no. He is going to look at it and think about it and be like no way, I have better. Honestly Im just getting tired of it and if Im going to be treated like a cheating dog then at least I should be getting the action.

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Thank you to everyone that commented on my story. Its been a long time since I wrote that. I thought I'd just say... I finally left the crazy *****. We did sit down and talk countless times. Nothing ever got any better. Worse would be more accurate. Now I'm engaged to an amazing woman who treats me with respect and genuinely loves me for me. She is so amazing and the feeling of being with someone who makes you happy is indescribable. I've never been so happy.

Shes not a crazy ****. Just because shes aware and cautious not to get cheated on you say that? How cruel. Its not her fault for thinking men love to chase & stare at mini skirts. Why? ITS A FACT. I know perfectly that, that doesn't mean you'll cheat but you supposed to only like her cuz you're with her right? Obviously its not true so thats why she acts like that. There is ABSOLUTELY nothing wrong w/ her. Maybe its the ignorants who decide to be blind to a man checking out hot girls. Next thing you know they whine & B*** that hubby cheated. As if they didnt give out signs lol.

Its very psychos case,she shall make yours life hell. I say it because I had such a experience and I had so bad experience with my wife.<br />
Yours story and my story are so same I hate to share, my this personal story, but you forced me to write it.<br />
just one different in yours and mine story,<br />
When ever we go for a walk or outing,some time we both put our hands around ours waist, so I noticed walking such a way she never accuses, Reason because she was a short girl and she could not see where I am glancing/looking, so at such walking day we never had any problems fighting or arguing and use to return home happily.<br />
But what happened an other occasion, I was looking down to ground talking to her and two young girls were walking in front of us, she got made, shouting ohh now you are enjoying there pretty, health white,creamy legs,ohh ,that is the reason you are this time so happy and excited, OHH God what to do I decided to end for ever.<br />
She silly girl still want to have a friendly relation after passing many years and having young children,as we both married now and having family.<br />
Before net things or contact were not easy noe because of cell phone she got my NO from a common friend of our family, <br />
any way i denied.<br />
What a pain ful experience I had<br />
I do not know is she has such problems in family which made her to believe men are unfaithful,<br />
As my wife had,<br />
her father use to live an other apartment long separated his mam.<br />
Her brother use to brings in home new girls friends not staying with one girl.<br />
Her sister got pregnant from a guy before marriage, which a bad thing in our society.<br />
Her face skin had born in a crash when she was child. She had a ig complex about that.<br />
IS yours wife have such a bad experience, there is some reason for that, or you told yours affairs with others girls ?<br />
she is absolutely <br />
sick ,keep away to her or best to run run run.<br />
When ever her ladies friends visited her, she not allowed them to meet me. even they asked her to meet me.<br />
If her friends ask her to see me how I am just as a curiosity . she use to tell me ohh look at them they want to enjoy my husband, so things were as bad as i start to think my self as in jail. <br />
When ever I comes back from Job, she is trying to see signs of kiss on my neck or hair or some women smell etc.<br />
Once when i came back I young women was sitting with me in bus,transport,<br />
She find that a Blondie women hair, She jumped over me like a lioness,<br />
garbed me, shouting etc, so understand what would be my action? after 7 month there was a divorce, thanks Lord she had no child.<br />
run run runnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn :-)

Talk to her about this it sounds like she has trust issues and she needs to deal with them before something happens you seem like a nice guy and you don't deserve this kind of treatment from her

Lol i wouldnt be surprised if you got cheated on with that nasty attitude of yours.

been ther maride the woman now devorsed did not workout

Maybe try sitting her down and talking to her about it or since you seem to not really be happy in this relationship anymore just break up with her