My Reasons Why

Well to begin with I met an awesome person named Chelsea. :)
She is my gf and if it wasn't for her I'd have deleted my account. So chels baby I'm sorry but your still stuck with me!! ;p
My other reason is because of the EP DRAMA!!!! GRRRRRRRR!!!
I am trying really hard not to be involved with it but it's super ******* hard for me. ;(
I have enough **** going on at home and at school. I don't need anymore of your stupid *** ****!!!
Thanks for reading!!
Steviesmygirl Steviesmygirl
18-21, F
2 Responses Jan 12, 2013

We have different reasons for wanting to delete our accounts, but I have thinking about it for a couple months now.

;( i feel the same

block those who start drama for you

Kk yea
Message me? I have something to tell you

Ok thanks