Memorial Tattoo

I don't have any tattoo's or piercings for that matter.  I've always been deadset against it.  Not that I don't see the artistic value of them;  it's just not something I've ever wanted.

In December, one of my dogs passed away.  I casually mentioned to my sister that, when the other one passes (hopefully years from now), I plan on purchasing a paw shaped urn necklace, so that part of him will always be with me wherever I go (not just in spirit).  She suggested I get a tattoo of a paw with my dog's names on it.  Since I wouldn't want the tattoo to be visible, she suggested having it placed on my chest, over my heart, both for sentimental reasons, and also because my chest hair will hide most of it when the hair grows back.

I've told a few people, and everyone seems to think it's a good idea, but I'm still not convinced.  Then again, I haven't ruled the idea out either.

AaaaaaRGH AaaaaaRGH
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2 Responses Apr 2, 2010

Yesterday, i was looking at pictures online and found one that would be perfect. It's not of a paw, but of a greyhound in full stride (both the dog that passed and the one i have is/were retired racing greyhounds). It's bigger than I would have thought I wanted, but I really like it, and even printed it, just in case i actually go through with the idea. I'm still up in the air, but leaning towards going for it.

That sounds great.. very touching.<br />
If i was you then i would do that because he would always be with you, forever.