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Everyone have their own point of view. This is about me. I had an abortion. At the time I been dating a guy for 5 years on and off. Before we started having sex we talked about the things that can happen. I believe that you should think about the things that can happen because of sex. From the beginning I knew if I got pregnant I would have an abortion. So I got pregnant. I had an abortion. When I woke up I was crying my eyes of and I didn't know why. A woman give me a card for a hottline if I wanted to talk about it. I was 19. My mother didn't know I was having sex. I was in college and had a job that only pay 200$ a week. I barely had money for me. And my bf at the time didn't work. And I like said before we talked about it before it happen and he thought the same as me. If I got preganat we would have an abortion if we wasn't ready. When I came out of the place I thought that kid might have been the next president, or someone who would have change the world. It was sad but it was what we both wanted. I didn't want to put the baby for adoption because yes I know there is couple out their who wants a child and cant make one but there is also lots of child who don't have parents and want one also all over the world. If you want a child that badly and you are financial ready you can get a kid from anywhere. Lots of children need you not only new born. I am happy I did it. I was 2 weeks along. Iam still happy I did it I was sad but it what was best for the both of us. One day I would have a child or children but when I am ready. Everyone have their own views. And everyone feels different after an abortion but their is people you can talk to if you decide to do it. I think you should do what you think is best for you. You had sex, its yours, and it will affect you no matter what you decide to do.
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"From the beginning I knew if I got pregnant I would have an abortion. So I got pregnant. I had an abortion." YOU ARE RIDICULOUS!! You are the first person who basically planned for an unplanned pregnancy.<br />
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With that being said... obviously you wouldn't regret it if you planned it from the before you started having sex. However, people who have a little more sense and morality do end up regretting the decision... Whether you choose to be ignorant or not... Abortion is killing an innocent life and should not be a decision you choose lightly (especially not be used as a form of birth control!!) EWWWW YOU!

If you have sex their is a possibility of geting pregnant no matter if you use birth control or not. I think before you have sex you should think about those things that might happen and if it does what are you going to do about it. I'm sad I had to do it but I also believe their is lots of children out their who want homes and cant get any and I'm not about to do that to another kid. I was 18 in school with no money and that kid would have not have a good live. I did what I did and I don't think I would do it differently if I had the chance to do it again. And by the way every one have their own believes.

Getting abortions can have health consequences for you , its always a risk

Yes, but chosen abortion is her choice , giving birth to a child is part of being pregnant . Many terminated would remind me of surgary with scars.
Its her choice , her scars whether wise or not .

Crossing the streets its possible that you can get hit by a car and I make that decision everyday

Well , somwhere it does matter . Life is about choises , also bad ones .
If we have that amount free will in the moment of deciding , better think twice and made the right one.

Whilst you are right and within your right to do whatsoever you desire, I can not but wonder what if you are ready to have a baby and can not because of that you did in the past how would you feel? What if in six months time you find yourself in exactly the same position what would you do? Just curious.

I do, I am. But that .1%