Hello my name is maddie,
I just turned 21 and I'm planning on having a abortion. Let me start off by saying if you think your going to change my mind think again. I have looked at all the option I have talk to people and this is my choice and my choice only. I know some will judge, but I rather y'all hate me then I hate myself or the baby. I won't lie I'm very scared, and also sad, but this is something I'm going to do. so I'm going to write on this everyday to tell my story form start to finish for anyone who can relate or need to relate.
I will say that I have 110% support to keep the baby, my family, and friend and even the baby dad all said they will support me. Not only emotionally but financially. What more can I mommy to be want. I know what you may be thinking "why are you getting the abortion is you have so much support?" Well it's really hard to explain. Just like everyone else on this page this isn't something that you just do or choose. This situation as people, and women are put in is very hard. But my life just start. I'm a nursing student and I may enough money to get by. Plus I'm a very prideful women and having to take hand out even if Family is very hard for me. So I choose this route.
Funny things is I had so much support of keeping the baby I thought is would have the same on not. Was I wrong. My parents immediately turned their face. Saying they would not pay for the abortion. I ask the babies and and even he said no. Right now I'm struggling on how I'm going to pay for this.
I choose to take the medical approach instead of the surgical one. Because I have read, learned, asked and watch video and found it to be the safes and less Side effect. But there only a small window to be about to do that and since I'm already 4 week is coming up pretty close..
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Adoption is also an option! You can call 1-(800) 868-6339 to talk about anything!

i hit road blocks when i was going to get my abortion and i do feel i should have listened to them...my baby would have been born on my birthday, now i feel i can never enjoy my bday. it's next month. and i always getting more depressed than usual/suicidal around that time.

i had a d+c, n they gave me mood relaxer n light anasthetic, but i still remmeber it was painful so maybe they didnt give me enough. afterwards i had nightmares of of my baby during the procedure and her being in pain. ( i'm pretty sure baby was a girl, as i dreamt of her before i found out. also i did that early detection blood test)

i had to quit a job because to get there, the bus wld ride pass the place i had it done and i'd tear up.

it is your choice, and i looked up ppl's experiences too. i was 20 and am 22 now. i wish u the best. the only thing tht wld keep me living right now is having a child...but at the same time, i just want to be with my child who's without me in heaven.

Very true. I know I can't replace. It's just an indescribable feeling. Empty womb I suppose? Take care.

My prayers go for you, and you are right, It wont be replaced... the lesson you learned is that every life is precious, Im sure that your testimony will help other women.Try to forgive yourself... you are a loving woman, and Im sure your baby knows how you regret it... you will be a great mom, youll have other wonderful children.