Mindless Sex..............

 I wonder if I could............ Is it possible for me to have sex just for the sake of scatching an itch? Do I have the ability to not allow my heart or emotions to ruin it? Do I have the hardness needed to just meet a guy, turn him on, & **** him just to have a good night's worth of sex? I wonder......

 Probably not. I can't even look at another guy without feeling like I'm cheating on someone else. Which is really weird when I haven't even met the guy I feel disloyal to. Totally messed up, my brain. Heehee! Actually, it's because my heart DOES get involved, it DOES override my other impulses. I know enough about myself to know, that I'll probably never be able to have sex without my heart being in it. I can't have sex just to have sex. I need to feel something more. The real question is, can I find someone who will feel the same things? Can I find a man who wants more than just the sex? That wants me for everyday life as well............... Only time will tell, I hope so though because my heart is getting pretty banged up & I sure don't deserve that.

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2 Responses Mar 22, 2009

Wow! one thing at time!At this moment lets think about that beautiful man your going to meet at Lows in the power tools section.Then we will talk about how true he will be,just the way you like them.Then we will talk about dating for at least 6mo.Then we will talk about him meeting your parents.Then we will talk about a ring.Then we will help you set a date.Then we will talk about that other thing.Then your wedding day.Then your honey moon.and that night you can have the rest of the above!Make it a good one!<br />
Love you lots,Trails

Well alrighty then! Whew! Your entry was a brain buster! It's okay to have casual relations and to avoid getting emotionally involved don't keep going back to the same person. Do what men do and move on from one to the other then maybe go back but don't repeat too many times and make sure you keep it SAFE above all else!!! Get a strong birth control in addition to condoms.