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2011A And Leaving Ep.

I am leaving EP soon. I have my reasons. I will share a few.
I was going to take a short break from here after Carlos got here. This isn't how I expected it would be. But such is life..And my priorites have got to change whether I am with Carlos or stand solitary. But I truly feel I belong beside him. I love him words exist..
I am tired of getting hurt here. I have wonderful friends. If you feel you want to stay in touch and really want to, then I will provide it. Just ask. But my heart can take no more. I know this.
I need to make plans for the rest of my life. And my focus should be on that. There are harsh realities. Some of you are quite aware. Others are not. But I need to move. And to live. And seems it will be by myself. Such is life.
I came to EP seeking answers to my sexless marriage. Fell into the rabbit hole of EP like Alice in Wonderland. Healed. Learned so much. Too much to even say in words. Thank you EP for improving my life so much! I love this world. But it is time to move on now. Good byes are sad, but realistic. 
I had hoped to meet my heart's desire here. I thought I had. Unclear now. His choice. And for that I am sad. But such is life. Ron said do not use this as a dating site. This is difficult when there is so much love here. And I do want to be loved. I admit that. But such is life.
So soon, very soon, I am leaving EP. Thanks to the best people I have ever known. Really. If I could take my closest here to the other world, I would. All of you. I love you so much. I have no words for how you inspire me; motivate me; support me; assist me; love me; accept me; give me unconditional love; and so much more. kisssessssssssssssssssssssssssssssss....2011A aka Cynthia or Cyn It has been out-of-this-world! And I loved it! xoxoo
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You speak from the heart, and i know how you feel. Funny to comment on someone's leaving story when I've read nothing else of yours. But I just wanted to say Good Luck!

Thank you for your kindness. Read some of my things. I love writing poetry and stories. They speak of love mostly. Presently so unclear....

I shall indeed! Good to meet you

We love you. We need you. Please don't go.

Miss you so much, peter pan. Where have you been, hon? kissesssssssssssss...xoxo

<p> sorry to hear that you are planning to leave EP...wish you beautiful years ahead..</p>

Thank you, hon. I hope they will be.

I have just come to know you and it is a pity that I will not see you for the time being - short vacation hopefully. I will miss you. We all need time to ourselves and devote it towards our loved ones. I greatly respect your decision. Those who you care count the most. God bless you ma'am

Thank you. But please do NOT call me ma'am. I am not your grandmother. LOL! kissessssssssssssssssss....Your words are both tender and wise. xoxo

aye aye lady...

I respect your decision but I will really miss you though we became friends here just recently. I am sending you hugs to support and inspire you as your stories and you being here inspired me.But maybe you will put your account on vacation and take some time?
And I really would like to stay in touch with you. Wishing you days filled with love, smiles, happiness and blessings!

I cherish you too. I may consider a short time away-a vacation of sorts. And to return when I am better....Thank you for your tenderness. I wish you love and happiness and all the wondrous things of life and heart as well. xxoxo

Goodbye again, see you next time you come back as usual :)

I have never left before. If I leave now, I do not return. That is me.

You have already said you would leave :)

I have NOT yet prepared things. I do not know you nor you me. Why do you badger me? Unclear.

I have been thinking of leaving EP too. You are not the only one thinking this unfortunately

Cutie pie. You have too? Hmmm....What are your reasons? Write in this forum, hon. People need to know why. Reasons are valid, Mike! kissessssssssssssssssssssss.....

well this totally sucks . . . so sorry to hear this sister of mine . . . your insights and loving ways will be missed but cherished . . . but you must do what you must do . . . I understand about leaving and not coming back . . . I am the same way . . . once gone . . . I stay gone . . . but I do hope we both can grow beyond that rule of thought . . . and I do wish you back . . . take care sweetie . . . heal . . . wishing you the very best of luck, love, and life . . . and that you receive back ten fold of all that you give of yourself . . . love you . . .

Ah, my lovely sister. Love you sooooooooooooo....No words....xoxxo

You're not being hurt, you're hurting yourself.
Go away, best way to stop the auto-mutilation. Just abandon those who like you, I mean, if you build walls and push everyone away, you wont be hurt ever again right? Lonely, but unhurt. Sounds pretty Jewish to me.

Watch your mouth, please. Racism to Jews is not desirable. Not abandoning. Those who are very close have my e-mail. And my phone. And some are already with me there. In my life. No more walls exist. I wrote that long ago. Your words are harsh. You know me not. Do be careful of your words.

Well we cant be racist to Jews as Jews are not a race. That would be antisemitism. However the comment intended no hate, they are actually physically building a wall around Israel so that no one gets in. They wish to be alone, but not hurt. Its just a choice they made and I am not even criticizing because I don't live there. Sorry it was above your comprehension level. I wont dumb it down, so I guess this is goodbye!

habatur: Your words are racist. I would not insult a pig to compare you to one...Not above my comprehension level. Dumb it down? It would take a dumb person to do this so I think you are that! Goodbye? I do not wish to even say hello to the dis likes of you. What an idiot! You are not in my circle for certain. Only a stranger would say such things. God. How insensitive and certainly not a gentleman at all.

I have no words to say what I feel but I must try. I wish life was easier for you but the hardest things tend to be the most worth it. I am proud of you for taking your life back and no longer being a possession. To see love seems to be the human experience. Some are even lucky enough to find it. I have no gift to give you other than my hope for a better life for you. We both know you have earned it many times over. But fairness is not a real part of life. And most of all thank you for sharing the part of yourself you did with me. I will never forget and will always cherish your friendship.

Your light will be sorely missed, but I know it will shine elsewhere. Knowing it still glows somewhere is enough for a smile. The world is desperately in short supply of people who value love above money. Knowing you exist helps motivate those that want to see good continue despite the things that try to subdue it. You are remembered and your voice will always be worth hearing when you offer it.

goodbye from me and abritishgirl...

Thank you both. Love you two too. xoxoxo

only wish I could have talked to you more.

To part upon the ground of sorrow. To leave this world and find tomorrow. To steal away goodbyes to borrow, I'll miss those words too sweet.
Yet in the end of paths so taken with love and faith both so shaken to stand at the height of all mistaken You still must trust your feet.
So fly away and soar; said I. With heart ablaze and open eyes. There's sun to come within your sky . A kiss so bitter sweet.

God, R. So lovely your words...You have my number. If you want my e-mail let me know. I don't know how much longer I will be at this place. Love you so...xooxox

I will miss you the most, and I was just meeting you

Thank you. kissessssssssssssssssss...

I will miss youu

I will miss you. We had just started to get to know each other.
Your friend,
Robot :)

You are one sweet guy. Love you. xoxoxxo

I'm so sorry to read hurts my heart....I hope you will be okay...come back if you need to talk with your friends here.....
You'll be sorely missed...

Thank you. kissesssssssssssss....