I really do like it on here, I like the people I meet, I like talking to people, I enjoy all of that stuff. But, well, I just have a lot of reasons to leave.

For one thing, half of everyone on here wants to instantly trade pics with me and ask about my privates. Let me just say that if I get to know you and you earn my trust, I may be open to it. But not right away. And, well, to begin with, I don't trust anyone. I've learned the hard way (in real life, not here on EP) not to trust anyone. Honestly I find it hard to trust people on here. There are a few guys that I trust somewhat on here, but I still hold up my guard.

Also most of the guys I used to talk to no longer come on here, or don't respond to me when I message them. There is only one person from when I first joined EP that still talks to me. There's always new guys for me to talk to, but we just don't really connect. I have better luck making friends in real life than I do on here, and that amazes me. I thought I could find lots of people on here that I could connect with, people that are similar to me and have similar interests. But nope, barely any of them share much with me. And like I said earlier, a good chunk of the people I try to talk to are only interested in trading pics.

Along with this, my personal life just gets busier and busier. School's started back up, so that combined with cross country, work, musical, and show choir will be taking up a significant portion of my time. Last year there were many times where I'd pull all-nighters finishing homework because I wouldn't be home until 11 PM. And this year, as I start my sophomore year of HS, that's only going to get worse. I also have to take PSATs pretty soon, so I need to study for that. Our musical this year has a lot more scenes and choreography than last year's, so rehearsals start extra early. Juggling that with track will be even more of a challenge than last year, and well, I love both activities way too much to just quit one or the other. And both my coach and my director like me too much. :P

I've given up on finding love here, practically EVERYONE I've met on here lives in some faraway place several hundred or even thousand miles away. And the few that live remotely close (as in about 2 hours away) don't seem to be interested in me. And, again, it's harder to trust people on the Net than in real life, and I don't want any false leads. I think this year I'll try to find love in my own school, or within a few miles from my community. I mean, in a school of 4 grades and nearly 2,000 students, I'm bound to find SOMEBODY, right? And every year one grade graduates and a new class comes in to replace them, so I have 3 more years to find a guy before I graduate myself. Today was my first day of school, and there's already a bunch of guys in my classes that are promising. Doesn't necessarily mean they're gay, I mean I wasted about two-thirds of last year pursuing a guy who wasn't gay, and he told me that a few times. But you never know, maybe one of them is. I'll just try to befriend them and see what happens. And I know at least one of them is already questioning his sexuality, so maybe I can encourage him in the right direction. :P But overall I think I'll have better luck and a truer relationship if I just stick to my school, my "roots" if you will, in my quest for love. I've never been a fan of online dating, and to be honest I hate long-distance relationships anyway. It's too difficult and usually doesn't end well.

Now, I probably won't leave EP for good, I think I'll still talk to my better friends on here, maybe look around a little more. But time is precious, and I don't want to waste time on here looking for something that could be right in front of me at school. Eventually, I'll either delete this account or, like with many other things, just forget about it over time. Please don't message me begging to stay or anything, I'm not leaving for good, I just won't be using it actively like I used to, except to talk to those few people on here that I can still, you know, talk to. Now excuse me, I have an essay I need to finish.
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mate if anyone on here or any other site like this asks you anything that makes you uncomfortable just block them. Also you will find somebody dont worry about that, somebody will come along who is right for you trust me :)

Well great writing..