I started bartending back in the town I grew up in. My boyfriend from 16 years ago came in one night. It started all over again for me as soon as I saw him!! He gave me his digits, and I called him the next morning @9am. I couldnt wait to talk to him. Within a week, we had made plans to hang out and talk. Its been 4 1/2 months and we are closer now than ever before!! I never lost  any love for him. We talk everyday. The bad thing married. Its not the greatest marriage, but my husband does what he can to provide for the family. I guess im just bored and need some 'extra' attention! Yeah, i know...POOR EXCUSE! But such is life!
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1 Response Apr 11, 2007

I too am having thoughts and feelings for an ex from many years ago. And as a married woman. Not sure what to do. I didn't bump into him yet but want to. i have been back in my home town for about a year. I took the leap and looked him up and called. He was not there. Now what. i iknow It is probably not a good idea to meet up with him. But I have these crazy butterflies in my tummy. I have not felt this way... well since this ex and I hooked up 6 yrs ago. I feel like I have turned cold and bitter. And thinking of these old times when I was happy and fun. Any way. I want to know what u did. and are now doing. Him? LOL No really did you feel a connection again. Does true love exist and if so do we sometimes let it pass us buy b/c of our own immaturities? I have said too much. I need help obviously. I am going to see him, I have to. It's eating at me!