Close to a Pizza...

I want a calzone!  This place here makes the best calzones, and they're huge too.  And cheap. 

But it's too cold and too late to walk outside...this yummy calzone is going to have to wait. 

yoyy yoyy
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6 Responses Jan 15, 2009

hehe. I'll order and we can share and get root beers too :P

Now i'm hungry ... and it's no where near lunch time. Girl you've started something!

That is a very good idea! I'm adding calzones to a list of food I want to make myself :P

yeah they do, but here they won't walk to your front door to take the delivery to have to walk to the car to get the food. it's too cold and late to do that

dont they deliver??

aww no, i'll pay for it. thank you for going outside to get it for me x