Am I Crazy

I have 2 samll children, 1 with autism.  I don't want to be with my husband any more but I don't know if my son can face the changes that us separating would cause. 

My husband is turning into a control freak.  It is only relatively small things at the moment but we have been having trouble for a while.  He earns a really good salary and we do not have money problems.  I was told yesterday that I wasn't allowed to have my hair cut (despite it being done cheaply by a friend!) And if he takes the children out I am allowed to stay at home but he tells me what jobs I must do, this is counted as having a break.

I am fed up and not sure if I am blowing things out of proportion.  Any ideas anyone.

Hope to hear from you soon
ethel5 ethel5
31-35, F
Jul 26, 2010