My Friend Mak3m3

You are a breath of fresh air
When I was forlorn and sad
You gave me perspective
Sent me thoughts that gave me pause
You challenged me to be more than I thought
Sent me love I didn't think I deserved
When I was sad and the world weighed heavy
Despite all your troubles and pain
You gave me your strength
Helped me back up
Pulled me from depths
Bottomless and thick
You gave me perspective 
I did not have before
As always
You knew where I was
My heart was sad
You made it laugh
My heart was heavy
You made it light
My troubles were many
You turned them from my mind
And you helped make me
All that I am.
You ARE my friend
Now and always
Not in the past
Not forgotten
Always loved
Always near.
Be sweet all the days of time
As you have been all the days of mine.
theredlady theredlady
41-45, F
3 Responses Dec 16, 2012

have you ever had a guy tribute your photo for you live on skype?:)

LOL no.

i would LOVE to do that for you now:)
my skype id is aimupforit. what is yours?

I don't do skype.... some but it's really not necessary. I am only me I require no tribute.

I am glad to make people smile. It makes me happy. Thank you.

nice one :)