Nope, Not Mush, Someone Else

I had a friend here when I first joined.  He then came back under a different profile a few months later known as thehumblecookie.

He was the first person to comment on one of my stories here and we had a strong connection, ironically that story was regarding connections.  He wrote with depth, movingly, humourously and was a true poet.

He touched many people, inspiring them to think from within, that all answers are within if we are still enough to hear them and very much helped me in a stage where I was walking in eggshells in regards to finding myself and my spiritual path. 

Due to personal issues, he left EP  but is very very much missed.  Particularly when two words always come to my mind - 'Just Breathe'

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1 Response Feb 23, 2009

oh he sounds soooooo special. the kind of person i like to comment on !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!