A Thought

 It's Sunday, March 15th...but I should say Darkday because I haven't seen sun today.

I'm thinking about my angel, because I know there are some worries and thoughts in his mind right now. Mostly because my day was not as good as usual. I missed him so much in the morning that I cried because he is far away and I needed to feel his touch that time badly.  I was not able to concentrate, I was reading notes and books but I didnt know what I was reading about. I was unable to study for exam. This was the second reason why I cried. 

When he came online and saw me, he was sure I was not feeling well. Becasue he knows me too well and it's impossible to hide anything from him.  He was sad I  didn't send him SMS or didn't give him a ring to let him know somehow that I need him. But I didn't do it because I didn't want him to be sad and worried. 

Because he worries so much about me. Just like I do about him :) 

I'm thinking about him at this moment because he went away just a few minutes ago and I know he is laying on the bed now with thoughtful expression on the face, worrying about my cut frenulum and the pain it is causing.  

This is my sweetheart...  always thinking of me, always caring and worrying about me. This is the man I love with my whole heart..  the man I always think about.. :) 

bublina bublina
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1 Response Mar 15, 2009

yes, I was always dreaming about so caring and sweet smart boy and now I'm with him. And I will be with him in person, too. I'm sure. Thank you TP