The Little Red Headed Girl

You made me
what I am today

I was once sad,
just existing to eat and to work

I feel more,happy,anxious
Only because of how you look at me
and what you do with me

the things you do when we are alone
I feel happy, because I'm with you

I know we are not together,
but happy with our friendship

I smell your musk on my bed from the night before
I'm scared to dream about you
because I don't want to fall so hard this time with you again

I  love you
I care about you
I just lay awake some nights, and wonder if you feel the same way for me

you told me you loved me, I know you do
he broke your heart and I mended the pieces
I wish I was him, to be loved by you the way you loved for him

He had my dream
He flushed it all away

I just want you to know my heart aches for you
For you and only just for you
I pray that someday we could be together

Until then...I will remain your friend
and I will hold you always in my heart.

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Mar 24, 2009