I Am Keep Thinking About Him

I don't know what happened to me, I communicate with him by email for work purpose but never met him and always wanted to see him , I was so excited to go to attend meeting in Florida because I know he will come to and I  just wanted  to see him , I was looking for him and I saw him, he know me also , I will never forget his beautiful droopy eyes, he asked me to sit with him,we were talking d and I was feeling to just keep talking to him and stay with him. my husband was with me and he realized about him. he become little reserve but his eyes were keep following me and I don't know what happen to me , I was just totally in with him and thinking about him, wanted to talk to him and be with him. I love my husband but I still don't know what is happening to me, I continued emailed him about work but I always wanted to talk to him anything such as weather or how great he is professionally(and he is) I sent him Christmas card, I just emailed him and I know he realized but he never reply with detail , I know He cares of me. on our 2nd annual meeting I was so excited to see him, I talked to him but never say that I have feeling for him, I belive he knows by my actions , in the meeting I didn't care of anybody but him, and I always thinking about him, I don't know what happened to me, I know it is not good as a married woman but I am so much dist rub inside and I cry because i keep think about him, I cannot sleep and wants to come to work to at least I know he is working and I can email him or cal him anytime, I told him that I am sorry if I am bothering you but he says it s o.k and he was keep talking , am i doing wrong , he become a part o fmy life and I wish I can se ehim and at least talk to him everyday.

ishdye ishdye
36-40, F
Mar 4, 2010