I am considering to wear a diaper for a long time now, cause I saw the stories from I'm still a teen in diaper.
I wore diapers for a long time when I was a kid. I tried 1 on 1 time, and it felt great. But I'm scared of other peoples reactions, and my parents. And I don't want to never hold it up again.
And another issue is, how do I buy them?
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1 Response Jan 10, 2013

It's a harmless way to have fun, but it can really freak people out. If you're going to tell others, be ready for them to "not get it".
As far as buying them, just do it with confidence. It's just another item to be checked out. Just don't be seen by any relatives or close friends. If anyone asks (and only if anyone asks), say that they're for an elderly relative (a visiting aunt, perhaps), and you were sent on an errand to get some.

I have two answers ready....the first "for my uncle". The second is the question "why do you want to know"..because maybe they're looking for a play pal.