Was Thinking About Wearing A Diaper, So I Did!

I've been thinking about getting into diapers/nappys, for quite a while, as I've gotten more and more into scat and pee play, I decided, because I find the clean up such a pain, when doing soiling in particular, in panties/clothes, to get hold of some adult nappys/diapers.
and so today, along with my grocery delivery, I took posettion of two packs of ten adult incontanance pants, the Tena ones.

I had to try it out, and so I did;

Oh. Just amazing!;

I put the nappy on earlier, and just wore it a while, that in itself was a fabulus feeling, feeling the bulk of it on me, and particularly between my legs.

Then, as the house was empty and my lodger had gone off to work, I got out my plastic pants, and put them on, over the nappy, and again put my jeans back on.

I waited and waited until I got desperate to pee, and couldn't stop it.
A few warm leaks, came first, and unlike doing it in pants, already I see the advantage; it holds it closer to ones skin, and doesn't go cold as quickly either.

Then the flood gates opened; Entirely unvolentry, I wet myself.

Oh. wow.

The pee came quite fast, and in seconds the entire front of the nappy was soaking wet, and warm, so nice and warm.
It then spread, quite quickly, to the back, right between my legs first, then all over the 'padded' area, at the back of the nappy, soaking that, and spreading the warmth out over every inch of skin.

Then it started leaking, down my left leg, then the right, from the front, dripping down on to the floor. It made me feel so sissy, just fabulus.

The nappy bulked up hugely, as it got so soaked, and now I'm sitting here, on my wooden chair in front of the PC, **** dripping out all over the chair, and down my legs, and its still feeling loverly and warm.

I'd really recommend nappys to anyone who's done wetting, in just clothes, it takes it to a whole new level, for me at least, and this is just my first experience!

I think I may have let myself get too desperate to pee, and so emptied an overly full bladder, hence why the nappys leaked so much, but I am wearing my old jeans, and I've soiled and wet in them direclty anyhow, so that doesn't matter.

I may have to change into a clean nappy soon; and go poo poos in it... God this is making me feel so horney, sissy, and, well, it just feels fabulus.
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1 Response Jan 17, 2013

Get them, as soon as you can!; Seriously; I've been wetting just in my pants/panties, and jeans, etc., for quite a while, but in the nappy/diaper, wow, it holds so* much liquid, and your sitting in all that pee.... Plus with it all being 'together' in the diaper, it bulks up a lot, which in itself feels great; plus that seems to make it stay warmer for longer... I can't successfully describe the experience in words, not adaquately at least, I'd almost be tempted to go so far as to say its one of my best experiences in my life, or at least up there with some of my others... I'm getting relaly excited, too, now, wondering how its going to feel when I soil myself in the diaper... I may have to leave that for another day though... I'm on such a high from having wet myself in my diaper!