I'm Gay - I Never Told Anyone - And I Cant Hold It In Any Longer

hey, this is my first timeever talking about that, noone knows at all, and it's killing me, i admired boys all my life, and i actually had that boyfreind before, well he wasn't a boyfreind, he used me to suck his ****, well basically, i loved doing it and he even used to *** in my mouth everytime and i loved that too, it was amazing and his **** was so big i used to choke on it, but that's not the point, i know he just used me. now am all alone and noone knows about this and feel so lonely, i wish someone could see what i really am and be with me. i also love sex and haven't some in some time, i do myself with like a ****-shaped stuff but enuf, i just want to have a real boy do me with his **** cause i'm sick of being alone.
dukedukedevlin dukedukedevlin
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2 Responses Jan 14, 2013

Relax and just enjoy doing it with somebody.

Since you have done all those things that you mentioned and you seem to have liked doing them then I would say that you should find a friend that likes doing the same so you wont feel guilty anymore. Nobody needs to know as long as you dont tell. I have done the same things as you, and Im no worse for it. I dont do it as much as I used to but if the chance arises Id go for it.

i think i understand what you mean, but i feel so alone, i need a boy in my life