Missing Jj

Yea......big time. She was my second friend here and truly a gem. She taught me how to laugh again. She helped me to see the good in the bad and become more positive; sometimes in the most subtle of ways. She touched me with a kind heart and with care that has stayed with me. She became the sister that I never had and so much more important to me than my own brother just because she had a way of letting people know that she really did care. I don't know how I would have dealt with my marriage break up without her. Her along with HeavenBesideYou were my rocks during that time. When I met JustJessie in person it only cemented those feelings. Wherever she is I will always wish her well and will never forget her. She is a rarity. She gives and puts her own feelings last. An angel who has yet to spread her wings and fly.

Missing you always
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5 Responses Jan 28, 2011

Thanks Meg. I am kinda out there I guess. I like my friends to know where they stand and what they mean to me :)

The love is beaming from your story Bassy :-)

I hope so. She means the world to me :)

Just Jessie mother. She will always be special to me. <br />
I think everyone she touched misses her Fungirl. When she and Heaven were my rocks you were the mortar holding me together. You three were my girls. :)

I miss her too.