Someone Is Thinking of You

I was thinking about what to say at Christmas. It's easy to just wish everyone a merry Christmas, but I know that for so many, Christmas is a really, really difficult time.

So for all those who are blessed with the ability to enjoy Christmas, have a truly excellent one; but for those who are struggling, lonely, sad or maybe downright angry, you are being thought of with care, love and compassion.

I believe that Christmas is the time when Jesus entered human history to give us the greatest gift of all - the ability to know God, and to experience God's unconditional love and forgiveness for all who trust in Him.

I know many of you don't believe this and that's okay (of course!), but if you are not opposed to the idea of a stranger praying for God to make himself known to you and to reveal the depth of His love and compassion to you, then, I am praying for you.

Thinking of you at Christmas...

fellum fellum
46-50, F
3 Responses Dec 23, 2008

You're welcome rdt

Thank you. You so gave me the words I needed to hear.

Love you both!