Peace & Love!

I am thinking of all of my EP friends, this Christmas! And I hope you are all happy, spending time with loved ones, and enjoying the season! :-D

I only have one wish for you all, all year round, but more so on this sometimes difficult time of year. I use to get so depressed and suicidal during this season, so I know how dark it can get. Yet, I've been afforded with happiness and peace, the first time this year! So, I wish everyone peace and love! :-)

And those of you, that I know who are struggling, I am here for you and I do understand. Just know that at least one girl in the world (me), loves you and is thinking about you. Many hugs!

And Merry Christmas!

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3 Responses Dec 23, 2008

A big hug and kiss back at you, girl, you know I'll be thinking of you!

and a joyous Holiday season to you too!

Thinking of you too Shadow - : )