Forbidden Questions...

How does he taste?
Will he go down on me?
Is he circumcised? 
How many licks does it take to get to his centre?
I wonder what he sounds like as he ****?

TheRealWoman TheRealWoman
31-35, F
6 Responses Mar 15, 2009

What shud be the way of seduction. Hard or slow????????

It's funny, I have a forbidden someone. I think he must taste fabulous. He tells me he can do wonders with his tongue, so he must go down on me. I can tell him if someone in his past has lied to him. Because of my personal circumstances and the amount of time we have been waiting to perhaps, someday, get together, he would *** after our first kiss. He does have the sexiest moan, just as our eyes meet, it's delicious.

Jp...thank you for answering. :)<br />
Those answers are fun...point all of your interested ladies to them.

In my experience, this attraction is spread equally in both genders. There are some who are genuinely not interested, and others who live and breathe it, but whether you're male or female has little to do with it.

They think we are so innocent! Ha!<br />
<br />
Even as a younger woman...if I was attracted, I was thinking these things.

I hope you get to find out soon!