30 Is Great!

I love being 30!  I've been looking forward to it since my early 20's.  I've always said that people start to take you more seriously when you reach thirty... And so far it seems pretty accurate.  I do have my moments of immaturity and madness, lol.. But that's mostly by choice, cos I do like to have fun.  I had my 3 children young, the baby is now 6 and I have entered this part of my life with the kids all in school and able to communicate well, use the bathroom by themselves, make decisions and play fun games with me, woohoo!  Most of my friends are just starting to have children now, and will be stopping or putting careers on hold for a while.  Not me.  I raised my children myself, and have studied by correspondence the past couple of years while the youngest was at home, so now I'm 30 and they're all at school, I am starting my career, and won't be interrupting it by having children later... I think I made a great choice, and still consider myself young and vibrant enough to enjoy some successes.  Teenagers respect ya more when you're 30 than they do in your early 20's.. Back then they would be tring to hit on me or say filthy stuff.. Now they treat me like a parent and someone who SHOULD be respected (Even though I was deserving of it back then,lol).  They look up to me and come to ask me for advice and I'm only too happy to share with them a few words of wisdom about what I learnt waaaaaaaaay back then, hahaha.  Also, older people know you've done a few rounds of the block by the time you reach 30, so they're more inclined to share some great stories of their own with you and appreciate your company... Cheers!
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Great attitude.