Both Loved It

My ex wife and I did a lot together. She actually brought up the watersports subject. Our first time was in the shower with her over me and me on my back in the tub. She let he sweet **** rain down on my raging hard ****. I was so turned on my the feel and sight I came right then and there. We didn't do it every time we were together... But on occasion if both of us had been drinking it would come up. We later moved to the bedroom where we could both be open and comfortable. I loved the feel and taste. Two wet slippery-bodies so hot. I miss it. I have brought it up with my current partner but they don't seem to be into even trying at all.
Needsmoreofit Needsmoreofit
1 Response Nov 30, 2012

i love do the same with some one some have been female and some with males