The Bearer of the Grunt

I could totally relate to this.. Being the youngest in our family, (we're eight) it seems i've always been the bearer of the grunt. Be it my littlest fault or theirs, they always seem to find a way to pass the buck on me. this went on through my growing up years and sadly, it hasn't stopped. If not criticizing me, it seems they are always trying to find fault in me. . It's like it has always been their "passion" and now their "custom". It's been so hard growing up in our family.. My mom wasn't always around because she was always attending to the family's business and I practically grew up without her. My father died when I was just about a year old (almost, i think) so it kindda felt like i was orphaned.. But that's another story. It was my siblings' job then to look after me.. Obviously, they hate it. If only i had a choice then..
maddix maddix
36-40, F
Dec 29, 2007