My Ticklish Weakness

I can write stories with a burning passion, and type without looking at the keyboard. Those are my strengths, but I have a grave weakness that makes me very vulnerable. I am very ticklish on my entire body, and people has taken advantage of it for years since I was a child.

When I was born, my parents used to blow raspberries on my tummy, and I would involuntary giggle and laugh. There are video footage of that in my personal video collection and it is fun watching that clip, but it was not the only time that I was tickled.

When I started school, kids just like to hear me laugh by tickling me. Being the shortest and youngest, the boys in particular would dig their fingers into my armpits, and I would spas out and roll on the floor laughing my heart out. Some of the girls decided to test my ticklishness by poking me in my stomach causing me to hold my hand over there to protect the ticklish spot, but it was only a matter of time before one of the boys would grab and pin my arms to my sides and the real tickling would begin.

In middle school, I remember waking up laughing because my parents had tickled my feet. It was a pleasurable experience between bliss and joy and even though I was 11, I did not once tell them to stop tickling me. These brief tickle moments was special to me because I was young and innocent and it helped me grow as an individual.

When high school rolled along, something happened that would exploit my tickling weakness. I met a friend on the bus, and he introduced me to tickle torture. After spending some time at his house, and hanging out, a new side of him was revealed. I was playing on his computer, when I suddenly felt a hand over my mouth. I struggled playfully like I always do, but it was not enough, as he slammed me to the ground. Still hand gagged, he used his free hand to tie my hands together with rope and then proceeded to tie my ankles before he connected them to my hands forming an effective hogtie. He tickled my feet for 2 hours till I said "Uncle", and than he stopped

Tickling so fun for me and I am glad that I have this lovable weaknss. People woul stop when I ask them to, and that shows respect. While there are people that would tickle people far beyond their limits and not stop when they tell them to, I am glad my friends are responsible ticklers who would listen to me.
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Can you send me the videos email me

You know different people than me. In my entire lifetime of being a tickle
victim there hasn't been a single time anyone actually stopped tickling me
when I asked them to! Not even when I screamed, cried and begged them
to! They all get so hypnotized by my squealing, hysterical laughter they
can't get themselves to stop. Its OK though. Panic adds to the FUN!

you're just getting started, young man! Read my pov about a lIFETIME of being tickled and tickling others.ENJOY IT!

that is interesting. I would love to tickle you. I was wondering have you ever tickled others?

i find your story is very arousing and i would love to read more.

i find your story is very arousing and i would love to read more.

Lols.... Great and funny story.... :D<br />