Tickling Fun With Friends

I was a complete tickle virgin up until about 3 months ago, i'd always liked the idea of being tickled i'd had the odd encouter, that had lasted mere seconds, but they were nothing compared to the experience i had a few short months ago, Anyway growing up if anyone brought up tickling i'd get excited, i thought i was a bit weird, so  i never told anyone.
When i started college i made new friends and one in particular, i drew pretty close to, one night i was over at her house, and she asked me to reach for something at the top of the cupboard, since i was taller than her, i thought nothing of it  so i did, and i was reaching up my shirt pulled up exposing my belly and my friend ran her finger down my side, I jumped and starting laughing, she looked at me grinning and asking me if i was ticklish and we spent the rest of the night talking about our interests and i explained that i had liked the idea of being tickled and the idea of being held down and tickled i blushed telling her i had never told anyone and she was really understanding. She explained to me that she herself was into tickling and we werent alone! She told me that there were a few people that she knew, who she would get together with every now and again and they would have tickling sessions and tickling games, she asked me if i would be interested and i agreed immediately, so we arranged the date for the following weekend at her house, her parents were away so it was perfect meeting place.
Everyone was set to meet at her house at 6pm, getting rather nervous and excited as i approached her door, i had second thoughts about turning back, but i thought this might be my only chance, so i knocked. At the meeting there were 6 of us, myself and my friend and 4 others, 3 guys and and 1 girl, it was nice to meet others with the same interests, after casual chat, we got into the swing of things, I wasn't going to participate in the first meeting, just to sit and observe, but persuaded by the others i did so, that's when the straws came out, we all had to draw one and the person with the shortest one had to endure an hour of being restrained and tickled by the others of the group, and of course, mine came up as the shortest one, my friend protested and said i didnt have to do it if i wasnt sure, but another suggested it was a good 'initiation' into the group, i agreed to let them do it, and my heart started pounding, I was wearing a cropped tank. shorts and flip flops, perfect for the warm weather but not so perfect for what was going to happen to me, the outfit exposed all of my sensitive areas!
We all went up to my friends bedroom, i was told to lay down on her big doubled bed in an 'X' position with my arms and legs spread apart, i was getting more and more nervous as the two strongest guys held me down, one sat above my head holding my arms, the other at the end of the bed holding my legs, and i had my friend sitting on my hips, the timer was set and off we went!
It started off with my friend lifting up my tank to expose my tummy she ran all her fingers over my stomach, i let out such a squeal and i couldnt move an inch i felt so helpess but it was fun, she un fastened the button on my denim shorts and tickled me along the line of my panties, If i hadn't have been restrained i would have jumped up! She then moved onto my arms after several minutes of tormenting my tummy, sides and ribs, scrabbling her fingers into my underarms, my most sensitive spot. When she stopped the under arm tickling her other friend began her attack on my legs, i never knew my inner thighs were that ticklish! I called out for them to stop even though i didnt want them to, they ignored my pleas and carried on. Then it came to the feet tickling, after my under arms, my feet are the second most sensitive part, he stroked his fingers up and down my arches, moving slowly, tormenting my poor feet and then picking up the speed, he then pulled out a feather and weaved it in and out of my toes, the tickling sensations were driving me mad.
After they had tickled each area seperately they then moved in together all at once, occasionally swapping over, going back to seperate areas, then two at a time, then they would all attack me at once repeating this process, when the hour was complete they let me go and told me i had done really well for my first time. We had a few more games with the others and we all went our seperate ways.
I'm looking forward to my next experience, but it will just be me friend and me next time, and i will be having the experience of being blindfolded to add to the excitement, can't wait, something i will definately do again!
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Did you get your piggies nibbled or licked

I'd hold your arms above your head and wiggle my fingers on each armpit, one at a time, driving you crazy and trying to wiggle free. I work my way down and gently dig my fingers into your hip bone! You jump and squirm. Then I send gentle pokes to your ribs!

Had enough tickling yet? :)

Tickling your feet with baby oil and a brush!

I use all 10 fingers to tickle you! Armpits first, then hips and everything in between!

Now I tickle your ribs with all 10 fingers digging lightly into them. You squirm to try to get away from me, but I won't hear of it! Lol.

Tickling you all over using yogurt on your armpits & feet.
-- Did u like my tickling........please add me we can have tickle chat


Add me I love tickling too

Add me! I love to talk about tickling ;)

Omg that sounds so fun

I love to tickled too...to be at the mercy of a woman whom I've bonded with and trust and to be able to watch her and tell that she loves having me in that position and she can't get enough of tickling and teasing me is a huge turn on!

I HATE BEING TICKLED! always have always will

Then why the hell are you reading this ???

@ $usie at least you'll be laughing ;-) & I'd like to check out that ticklish ness you talking about

Sounds great to me

I loved being tickled

I wish I can find someone near me who would just love to be tickled or teased.

Where do u live

Sorry for this late reply. I am from Malaysia. R u anywhere in Asia?
U can PM me and let chat on tickling.

All I have to say is that it was a sexy story. It made me want to tickle you.

I wouldn't mind miss all my meals for your delicious ticklish body. You sound too sensual and arousing and obviously agitated my urge. If I can have all, I would easily feel satisfy having just the feet and toes.

I love women like you. Wish I could meet someone this ticklish and who loves it :(

Yeah good story. I've been a fave tickle victim since a small boy because of my insane reactions to it.<br />
Pity of it is tickling is normal human behavior. Between friends its bonding and it lowers stress and inhibitions. Its something almost everyone enjoys but here in this TWISTED society for some odd<br />
reason people who like tickling, (about 90% of the population) think they have to HIDE to do it!<br />
To me the story isn't "sensual and erotic" its just TICKLING! I've posted a few of my true experiences<br />
with tickle torture on here and I guess because its been happening to me since a boy I'm used to it.<br />
I was surprised that you were tickled for a whole hour and didn't climax once or twice or at least wet your pants, which is what normally happens to me in the first 10 minutes. But I'm one super ticklish guy though.


Delicious story! So sensual and erotic!

Well we've planned it for tomorrow! <br />
Couple of weeks ago i had tickled my friend very close to pushing her limits, and she said it's time for revenge.<br />
So i will share the story after the encounter.. wish me luck! haha

Wow that sounds like a lot of fun TickleMeGently, very understandable with the nervousness, it's like nervous excitement, like you're excited about what's going to happen but not sure how you'll handle it, I hope you let us know how the next session went, have fun ;)