Cute Blond Tickled On Conference Call!

I lost much of my ability to be tickled and experience uncontrollable ticklish laughter.

Because of my great love for tickling I have become a tickler
of women instead of a ticklee. I love to tickle women well past their own limits.

That I enjoy very much. It is great to see women tickled against their will into screaming vixens of
joy and pain.

It's all great fun to me and I consider it better than sex. If tickling cannot be included in sex, then I am not that interested.

I never tickle a woman without her permission. However
I do have a few female friends that I wish I could get the tickling best of.

I got one really good one day when she came to my hotel room wearing high heel shoes. Heather was the director of sales. She was not supposed to be in my room because I was a guest. I actually lived in the hotel, (like a corporate housing deal. She knocked on the door and came in. This woman is a very cute blond about Five foot five 110 lbs.

She jumped into my swivel chair. She picked up the phone for a corporate conference call. When she turned away from me I saw her arch, shapely leg and I decided to make a move. I pulled off her high heel slowly and ran my nail along her arch. She almost jumped out of the chair. I held her foot tightly and told her, "You are in trouble now".

She was giggling and trying to remain composed. I started tickling her slightly and then backing off. Tears started to run down her face. Then I tore the stocking, found an ink pen and stated writing on her bare sole. I had her really going! She was lost in silent laughter and still trying to remain on a corporate conference call.

I kept wispering to you want me to stop...She would shake her head no! So the tickling continued.

Before that day:

I would sometimes ask her if she would let me tickle her. She always said that she was
far too ticklish to submit. So the element of surprise got her! At least it did that day.

 I backed off from time to time to let her comment on the phone. She had to put the speaker phone on to not totally lose what they were saying. When I started sucking on her toes she peed on herself.

I had her then. There she was sitting in pee and laughing her *** off but mostly silent laughter. She was biting her lip trying not to be caught laughing on a business call. Her boss was on the line.

 I think trying to hold back the laughter and trying to be on a business call at the same time... really got to her.

When the call was over she told me she also climaxed when I started sucking her toes. Her call lasted about 20 minutes. I tickled her the whole time. Her makeup was ruined she had slumped down in the chair holding on to the arms for dear life. I truly had got the best of her.

Years later I went to her wedding...We laughed about the day I made her pee on herself.

Dandy Jack!

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That was so ******* hot.