The First Time I Was Tied Up And Tickled

The first time I was tied up and tickled was with an old girlfriend back in college. I'd wanted to do it for a long time and she finally agreed one evening when we had the house to ourselves.
She tied my hands behind my back, my ankles together, and my big toes together. I was still clothed at this point and she started teasing me telling me that she was never going to let me out, that she was going to tickle me all night. That sort of thing. She took off my shoes and socks and shoved one of my socks in my mouth, which I totally didn't expect, but there was nothing I could do about it. She started to tease my feet a little, nothing too much but I was laughing pretty hard.

once she started tickling my feet I knew was done for. We were on the couch and she kept taunting and tickling me. Beforehand she'd told me to wear old clothes that I didn't care about. I figured that it was because she had something in mind that would get them dirty, but instead she pulled out a pair of scissors and began to cut my clothes off while tickling me!

I was tied tightly and my sock was in my mouth so there wasn't really anything I could do except just sit there and let it happen. She cut my shirt off first and started to tickle and play with my nipples, which drives me absolutely insane. She stopped for a minute and went to get a glass of water. She'd been tickling me for probably about 10 minutes by now, but I'd been laughing so hard and with the sock in my mouth I was parched. She came back with the water and said "ooh, is the little tied up boy thirsty?"
I nodded my head. "Too bad. You don't get anything until I've tickled you for at least two hours". And she stood there and drank the glass of water right in front of me. She left a little bit in the glass and flicked it at my face while she teased my nipples and armpits.

Next she began to cut off my shorts and tickle my inner thighs, which really drove me crazy. She had extremely long fingers and watching them run all over my inner thighs was more than I could take. At the beginning she'd told me to hold still, but I just couldn't sit through this torture.

"What did I say? Stop moving or I'm never EVER going to let you out of there. You'll be my ticklish little tied up boy forever."

I tried to stop, but by now she'd cut off my shorts and once she started to pinch and prod at my hips and tummy I started bucking around again.
"So it's like that, is it?" She said and she jumped up on top of me. "Here's what you get for not being a good boy and following the rules!"
She put her *** on my chest with her huge size 10.5 smooth soles right in front of my face but just out of reach. All I could do was stare.
"I know you want my feet, but you can't have them unless you beg..."
I vainly tried to say something through the sock, but it had no effect. "No? Ok, looks like it's more tickling for you then!"

Sitting on me with her feet right in front of my face she cut off my boxer briefs. "Someone seems excited. Too bad I'm just going to tickle you!"

She then began a full assault of my stomach and groin area that was probably the hardest tickling I've ever endured. She used her long fingers to pinch all over my waist and hips. She ran her fingers spider style all over my inner thighs and around my balls. She continued this for probably about 20 minutes as I tried to throw her off of me. My mind was both empty and full and i couldn't think straight. I could barely breathe through all the laughter.

After a while she said "I think you're enjoying this too much. Things are about to get a little worse for you..."
She went into the garage and came back with a rope, She tied a loop around the bindings on my wrists and one on my ankles. She tied the other ends to the legs of the couch so that i was stretched out with my arms above my head, my armpits exposed, and my feet pulling against the tight bonds, completely naked with a rock hard ***** sticking up.
"Ok, you don't get to see anything anymore",. She must have been standing behind me because i couldn't see her, but the next thing I knew I was blindfolded.

Once I was blindfolded and stretched out I waited for a few minutes for something to happen. I couldn't hear her and I was worried that maybe she'd left or something. after what seemed like an eternity my feet started to itch. I couldn't move them much because my toes were tied, but they were really itching a lot. I wiggled my feet around trying in vain to scratch them on the arm of the couch, but I was tied too tight and I couldn't reach. After a couple of minutes it was downright unbearable, then I felt her hand on my shoulder. Then I heard her voice whisper in my ear. "Are your feet itchy? Hmm?"
I tried to respond through the gag.
"What's that? I can't hear you."
I flailed my feet around some more in a tragic attempt to scratch them.
"Your soles must be so itchy after I spent all that time putting itching powder on them..."
Now I didn't even know that itching powder is actually a real thing, but apparently it is and my feet were in agony. She must have worn gloves or used a tool or something. When she started to tickle my feet I just about exploded, It tickled so much, but it was also a relief from the itching. She tickled every inch of my itching powder-covered soles for so long I lost track of time. I found out later that it was about an hour and a half. The whole time she was talking to me saying things like "boy, that itching powder must have you in agony, huh?"

By now I was completely drenched in sweat and my soles were so ticklish they were screaming. I'm pretty sure she'd used the itching powder several times and the slightest touch sent me into convulsions
She said "Ok, you look like you need a break. I'm going to leave the itching powder on your soles for now, but I'm going to get another glass of water. She came back and put the glass in between my feet.
"Hold that there"
I did, not knowing what she was thinking.
"Here's the deal. I'm going to tickle you all over for another 10 minutes. I'm going to go all out and be completely relentless. Nothing is safe. If you can hold out and not spill that glass of water for the full 10 minutes, I'll wash off the itching powder and **** you. Now if you spill the glass then your punishment will be terrible. I'll put the itching powder in your armpits and your nipples and tickle you for another 2 hours. ok?"
Though I was extremely sore and exhausted I managed to nod. I had no idea if I could do this. All I knew was that I couldn't take another 2 hours of itching powder tickling!

She started out on my neck, which has never been that ticklish but after all I'd been through her fingers there sent me into fits, but I managed to keep my feet still. I still had the blindfold on and the sock in my mouth, which I'd managed to push out once, but she put it back in and slapped a piece of tape over it.

The next 10 minutes were the worst ever. She teased my nipples with her tongue while she tickled my armpits with her fingers, her toes tickling my **** and inner thighs up and down and up and down. She kept whispering "You're not gonna make it! I'm gonna cover you with itching powder!" She started blowing raspberries all over me. My stomach, waist, my armpits, my sides, but I managed to hold onto the glass of water with my feet. The whole time she kept whispering and teasing my **** with her toes.

She finally moved back down to my soles. She must have been using a utensil or something, but when she touched them my feet jerked!
"OOH! Careful little boy! If that glass hits the floor you've got two more hours coming your way!"
I was terrified that I'd dropped it, but apparently only a little had spilled. The last two minutes were hell. My feet felt like they were on fire as she tickled them all over with the itching powder. I'm pretty sure she went for longer than 10 minutes. i couldn't even think, it tickled so much, but then I realized that I was still laughing and bucking but she wasn't tickling me anymore. Instead she was using a sponge to clean the itching powder off my feet.

"It looks like you did it..."
She removed the glass and i let my feet relax.
"The itching powder looks like its gone, but I still need to make sure your feet are clean!"
She then took 5 minutes and dug the sponge in all over my soles which tickled like crazy!
"I'm amazed that you're still so ticklish after having been tickled for so long! Such a ticklish little boy!"
She put down the sponge and straddled me. All I wanted was to *** and fall asleep. I was exhausted, covered with sweat, and my arms and legs were almost numb from being stretched so tight. She slid me inside her and said "oh, you didn't think it was going to be that easy, did you? She set her feet on my face and used her toes to pull the tape off my mouth.
"You were a good boy, so I'm taking this off, but don't spit out the sock just yet. I don't want you waking up the neighbors."
I still had the blindfold on but I didn't know what was coming next. She was basically sitting on top of me and I wasn't sure how she was going to **** me like that. With her feet still on my face I felt fingers begin to tickle one of my armpits and more fingers on my nipples. She clenched herself as she tickled and I exploded inside her.

After I was finished she climbed off, untied me, and pulled out the sock and the blindfold. She went to the bathroom and I fell asleep almost instantly right then and there.

We did things like this several times during our relationship, but this was the first.

Hope you enjoyed it!

If anyone's interested in talking tickling or doing some role play let me know!
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oh my gosh i would looooove to tickle someone like that/be tickled like that