A Very Ticklish Girl

I recall having one very ticklish girl completely helpless and, as usual, giving her a very complete and relentless tickling. Sometimes I'll stop and let the girl think I'm done, its over. Then, just as she catches her breath and starts to relax, I begin again, teasing her for being silly enough to believe me. Usually, whatever resistance she might have left vanishes, as she realizes that just when she thought is was over, its not. Often she slips into hyper ticklishness even quicker, as though there never as a break. Those overwhelming tickling sensations enthrall her immediately. Anyway, on this occasion, after such a teasing trap, she suddenly started calling out for her mommy. Mind you, she was about 30, and in reality didn't even have a very good relationship with her mother. But it seems the torment was so intense she reverted to a little girl. I stopped and stared at her, totally suprised ... we never discussed this safeword. She looked suprised and then embaressed, like she couldn't believe she said that. I had to stop and laugh as she blushed in amused defeat. Anyone have a similar story ?
TickleTorturer TickleTorturer 46-50, M 3 Responses Sep 29, 2011

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good post. love tickling stories like this.

I had read this once before, after I first joined EP, and thought "WOW! That must have been one EXTREME tickle!".
How interesting you'd make this comment after my thinking that! Hahahaha! ;-D

Mmmmm, me next...

step right up my kitten, or in your case, purr and prowl to me

my wife get's pissed if I tickle her.. good luck!!

YEOWCH! And BETTER luck to you, my friend! :-/