My Brother Still Teases Me Tickling Me...

whenever he comes home from Toulouse where he works.

He can be oppressive with the intensity of his attacks as he has always been since I was a little girl. Guillaume is older than me by four years, he's twenty seven at Christmas. I won't be twenty-three until May next year.

Ever since I was small he has tickled me. I am ticklish almost all over, and that he exploits. He always starts with my feet! He works his way up my legs, to my knees and then goes to my torso and my ribs. It is a furied attack every time and I ache from the experience each and every time.
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Tickling is the best

My older brother would tickle me senseless for hours almost daily when I was growing up, so i can relate:)<br />
But, I would LOVE to tickle you too! especially your feet, sweetie. Id probably tie you down first so you couldn't get away, and then tickle you for hours!

my sister used to tickle me a lot when i was younger (shes older). but it was more like the "trap me in the corner and tickle me until i couldnt breath" thing<br />
<br />
fun times.<br />
<br />
siblings are evil

wait it worries you if oyur not ticklish?

Hmmm. I have to admit that I think that I would enjoy tickling you also. But I won't say where I want to tickle you. hehe

oh wow! thanks!