I Don't Know Why

I am very ticklish,,,so please do not tickle me...the slightest  soft touch with an item like a feather and i am laughing and screeching  uncontrollable..the bottom of my feet, my side, my neck and shoulders are the most sensitive..it's like the nerve endings in my body, climb out of my skin and are on the surface and the slightest touch creates the most prickly sensations...i have been ticklish my whole life..sometime i wish i could do something to turn it off...but then it makes me laugh and you can never laugh enough...i am very ticklish and there is nothing  i can't do about it...  expect endure it  ""LOL '''
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6 Responses Jan 11, 2012

Well tickled sensations!! It a good thing. Smiling and feeling pleasure.

Nerve signal strength is directly proportional to Myelin Sheath thickness, so you probably have nerve cells with very large mylin sheaths wrapped around their axon.

I know a spot (above your waist) that will drive you nuts when tickled...

Lucky lady you are. Having super sensitive body can be a pleasure of your life. Get the right partner, you will be on your way to extreme sensual pleasure every night & day. It can be much pleasurable than being in physical sexual relationship. Trust me, your partner have to be more for you pleasure than his.........

Bet you enjoy!

i personally would like to find out how ticklish your 'UNDERARMS' are (given the opportunity lol)...i have a particular preference for 'dark-haired exotic types' like you, ESPECIALLY when they are SUPER SENSITIVE ticklish like you too !!!...let's chat !!!....my email is stub@007.la.....hope to hear from you soon !!! (:D