It waz time to go to my next class and I waz with water fountain gurl and I apparently made her mad or something so she grabbed my neck and then I poked her armpit (I know it sounds gross but it waz my only option) and she started poking me all over and tickled me. I waz screaming and I fell over and she started tickling me everywhere (exept THOSE areas) and I waz just screaming and laughing the whole time. And it all happened in the course of a few minutes on the stairwell. SO MUCH TICKLING!!!! P. S. It tickles me when she grabs my neck so I squirm around and she doesn't know why. :^D
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Are you ticlish o back of your knees especially when you are lying on sides one knee over the other.

Yeah my dad likes to get me there teehee

Nice. Are ur feet ticklish? Do u ever get tied up or held down and tickled?