The Story Of My Fetish

I grew up with two older sisters, they both tickled me mercilessly. Each of them would come into my room, hold me down, pull up my shirt and tickle me, they would blow raspberries on my belly and poke my ribs, it was torture, I couldn't stand it.

Sometimes they would take off my clothes and tickle me just for fun, they loved it, watching me giggle and shriek until I peed.

One time I was watching a movie with my mom, I lay on her lap and she tickled my belly, I rolled around on the couch while having my belly and navel mercilessly tickle tortured, but strangely I loved it, I used to poke my mom and sisters knowing their would tickle me back, but I was only young, I didn't think of it as a fetish, I didn't even know what that word meant.

It was only until I went through puberty, I was at a party with some friends, we were all in our bikinis. The girls decided it would be funny to gang up me, they all shouted "tickle her!" and that was it, I had a little fat around my belly at the time so I was a little self-conscious.
As soon as they began tickling my tummy, blowing raspberries on my navel and poking my ribs, then tickling my feet and toes. I felt a tingle all through my body until I orgasmed right there.

And thats when I knew I had a tickle fetish, even the word gives me a tingly feeling. Whenever I see someone being tickled, especially around the navel, it turns me on
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I do to what state do you live in I live in North Carolina and maybe we can tickle each other sometime

wanna tickle chat/role play?

love tickling bellies and bellybuttons! such a turn on!

i have a tickling fetish :) when it comes to watching i like to watch armpits and breasts tickled but in person im happy to tickle where ever!!!! :)

I thought I was the only one, I am so happy you shared. Thank you :)

add to circle? lets chat!

no one is allowed to tickle me. I'm a very very ticklish person and, I hate being tickled so no one is allowed to tickle me but, that doesnt stop them from trying. I haven't gotten a raspberry since i was probably 5 or 6 and I do not wanna find out...
-Landon <3

my name is gunnar and i'm very ticklish. My girlfriend Abby and I tickle each other a lot, but usually cause were just messing around it's not like this hard core tickle.

I'm extremely extremely ticklish lol my older gf's would always tickle me like crazy...and at first I hated it coz I'm really small and could never get away...but just recently I really started to enjoy it...but no one to tickle me :(

great post. Dad had bedtime ritual of belly raspberries for me! felt good though.

So i have read many story's on here about how women used to hold their younger siblings down and tickle them till peeing. So is that normal or what

That is what my babysitters used to do to me and it must have turned me on, because now i have a full on tickle fetish

Niceeee !

I don't think your strange at all. I love having raspberries blown on my tummy and love to give tummy raspberries also. Its a turn on for me, both giving and receiving.

You're so lucky, I've always had this fetish as well, but nobody really wants to tickle me, thnx for sharing :)